Top natural products to restore dry and damaged hair


Homemade remedies for beautiful hair

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Today’s easy homemade beauty recipes will make your hair shiny and silky smooth, repair split ends and prevent hair loss. The key to success here is to use these treatments on a regular basis. Apply one of these masks twice a week for visible results.

Here are 3 essential beauty ingredients that will turn your dry and brittle hair into gorgeous locks:

  • Aloe vera is an incredibly useful product for hair care. It is able to moisturize your hair profoundly, restore its natural beauty, prevent hair loss and make your hair strong and thick. If you have frizzy hair, try using aloe vera juice instead of your everyday conditioner, it gives you hair a natural shine and softness. You can also spray some aloe vera juice on your hair before styling it to give it some extra moisture. If you don’t like the smell of aloe vera, just add in some drops of jasmine or rose essential oil. Your hair will definitely look and smell delicious.
  • Rapeseed (canola) oil is an effective remedy for very dry or thin hair. It promotes hair growth and is able to repair damaged hair and protect it from heat of a blow dryer. Canola oil works best when mixed with some essential oils like rosemary and lavender, which are great choices when it comes to giving your hair more body and shine.
  • Castor oil is an amazing treatment for hair loss, it moisturizes hair and scalp, prevents split ends and hair thinning. You can use it on your eyelashes as well, to make them longer and darker. Usually it shouldn’t be used on its own as it is very thick and hard to wash out. You can add a teaspoon of castor oil to your shampoo to see the immediate nourishing and hydrating effect on your hair.

Damaged and frizzy hair treatment

Aloe vera juice

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  1. Combine 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon castor oil and   2 tablespoons aloe vera juice and mix well.
  2. Apply the mask to the entire length of your hair and leave it in for 1 hour.
  3. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  4. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water mixed with some lemon juice for a greater shining effect.

Homemade hair growth treatment with castor oil and aloe vera juice

Castor oil for hair treatment

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  1. Mix together 1 teaspoon honey and 2 tablespoons canola oil.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon castor oil, 1 egg yolk and   1 tablespoon aloe vera juice.
  3. Apply the mixture to the hair roots and gently massage the scalp.
  4. Spread the mixture from the roots to the ends of your hair.
  5. Cover your head with a plastic wrap or a shower cap, and then a towel on top of the plastic wrap.
  6. Leave the treatment in for at least 1 hour, wash it out with a shampoo, rinse your hair with lemon water.
Have you tried any of these hair masks? Let me know how they worked for you.
What do you usually use to repair damaged hair?


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